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Service Offerings

Stage Lighting Systems - As one of the largest stage lighting dealers in the country, BMI Supply is proud to offer an enormous range of equipment coupled with our highly-trained team of project managers and technicians.  We can help design a dimming, control, and lighting fixture package sized appropriately for your venue.  As former theatre & event practitioners, our goal is to provide the right gear that gets the job done.  Our vast lineup of manufacturers includes Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC), Altman, Leprecon, Martin Professional, Robe, Chroma-Q, grandMA, Interactive Technologies, Pathway Connectivity, and more.  Our staff is factory-certified on a wide range of equipment.

Motorized Rigging Systems - BMI Supply is pleased to offer complete motorized rigging solutions using industry-leading gear from JR Clancy, Electronic Theatre Controls, Daktronics, and more.  Our project managers and installers have completed numerous installations in a wide range of performance venues, including both new construction and renovations.  Our factory-trained employees are up-to-date on the very latest equipment features and guidelines. Not sure what system best suits your needs?  Contact us today and we will start the discussion...

Counterweight Rigging Systems - BMI Supply is a leader in traditional counterweight rigging system installations.  We are pleased to offer time-tested gear from the trusted pros at JR Clancy, H&H Specialties, among others.  Our projects range from complete installation of a new counterweight system to simple system maintenance calls.  Need to add a couple line-sets or have your system checked for adherence to current safety standards?  Give us a call.

Stage Curtains & Track Systems - One of the first things your audience sees (and keeps them from seeing what they are not supposed to), stage curtains play a leading role for almost every venue!  BMI Supply offers a diverse range of velours (including various new synthetics), scrims, and other specialty fabrics to suit your production needs.  Our track system offerings include industry-standard equipment from Automatic Devices Corp (ADC) and H&H Specialties.  Looking for a motorized curtain?  We do that too.  Contact us to discuss your soft goods needs or to schedule a site visit.

Safety Inspections - Did you know there are national standards for installed systems?  ANSI E1.4 2014; "Installed systems shall be inspected annually or more frequently, as determined by a qualified person, per the manufacturer's recommendations and local code requirements." There is a lot of activity in a working theatre or performance venue, all contributing to general wear-and-tear on technical systems.  BMI Supply's skilled rigging and lighting managers can take a close look at your venue to check for critical life-safety issues involving counterweight rigging systems, motorized rigging, dead-hung positions, curtain operation, lighting fixtures, lighting systems, and more.  An annual inspection of your space ensures a high level of safety for your technicians, performers, and audience members.  Call us today to discuss your needs!

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