BMI Supply Installation Department

BMI Supply designs and installs complete technical theatre systems including rigging, curtain tracks, soft goods, dimming, lighting instruments, lighting accessories, and lighting control. These services are available for any size system - from a small dimming system in a community center to a multi-lineset double purchase counterweight system in a grandiose historic theatre.

As well as new installations, BMI Supply also offers troubleshooting services and safety inspections. We help pinpoint problems in rigging and lighting systems and offer thorough solutions. Our inspections follow ANSI Standards including ANSI E1.4 2014 Manual Rigging Standard, ANSI E1.22 2009 Fire Safety Curtain Standard, as well as other relevant standards as they become accepted. BMI Supply is an ETCP Recognized Employer staffed by experienced professionals including ETCP Certified Riggers and ETCP Certified Entertainment Electricians.

BMI Supply has installed systems in high schools, colleges, universities, professional theatres, convention centers, churches, casinos, and beyond. Operating in a unique venue? We are happy to take a look and do everything we can to help. Our installation department's "can-do" attitude has earned praise from many clients, architects, and theatre consultants. Have questions regarding your system or interested in planning a new one? Give us a call or drop us an email.

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ETCP Recognized Employer

ETC ION Controller installed by BMI Supply

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