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Item #: 36-970002
NuDelta Digital DXT1 DMX Tester
Save time and money by equipping your crew with this cost-effective DMX Tester by NuDelta Digital.

This tester has the three features you need most:  Send signal, receive signal, and test cable. It can send any level to any DMX address with simple commands similar to those found on the world's most popular lighting consoles. It can also test for valid DMX signal and show you the level at any address. Furthermore, the DMX Tester can test continuity on all five pins of a standard DMX cable and indicate which pins are not connected or cross-wired.

A new menu option allows for you to choose between seeing the DMX percentage or seeing the full DMX value.

Runs for hours on a 9 volt battery (included). Made in the USA.
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