Good Morning

New Stuff at BMI Supply!

We are pleased to offer a selection of items that are fresh off the development tables from our innovative manufacturers, along with some items that may have been around awhile but are new to our store.

Want something added to our lineup?  Send us a note or hit up the Live Chat link above.

Lighting Fixtures

Item #: 67-E0014
Elation Arena PAR Zoom RGBW
Your Price $1,000.00/Each
Item #: 67-B0024
Blizzard Colorise Zoom RGBAW - Black
Your Price $599.99/Each
Item #: 67-80112
ETC Source 4WRD LED Retrofit Black
Your Price $599.00/Each
Item #: 67-80113
ETC Source 4WRD LED Engine w/Barrel, Black
Your Price $849.00/Each
Item #: 39-91021
CHAUVET Maverick MK3 Wash
Your Price $4,399.99/Each
Item #: 39-91015
CHAUVET Maverick MK2 Spot
Your Price $4,999.99/Each
Item #: 39-91016
CHAUVET Maverick MK2 Wash
Your Price $2,799.99/Each
Item #: 39-91018
CHAUVET Maverick MK1 Hybrid
Your Price $5,199.00/Each
Item #: 39-91020
CHAUVET Maverick MK1 Spot
Your Price $3,799.99/Each

Electrics Items, Expendables, Gadgets

Item #: 36-E70001
DMXcat Multifunction DMX Tester #6000
Your Price $331.50/Each
Item #: 25-310001
dbx CT-2 Cable Tester
Your Price $34.95/Each
Item #: 25-310002
dbx CT-3 Advanced Cable Tester
Your Price $129.95/Each
Item #: 43-1004063
HPL-575/115VXLL Super Life - Ushio
Your Price $16.95/Each
Item #: 43-EK08153
70PAR38/H/WFL 120V - Eiko
Your Price $6.25/Each


Item #: 07-018503
Little Giant Adj. Safety Cage Ladder #18503-240
Your Price $1,139.99/Each
Item #: 07-018509
Little Giant Adj. Safety Cage Ladder #18509-240
Your Price $1,634.99/Each
Item #: 07-018515
Little Giant Adj. Safety Cage Ladder #18515-240
Your Price $1,949.99/Each


Item #: 47-AK0023
AKG DMS800 Vocal Set D5
Your Price $1,999.00/Each
Item #: 47-AK0024
AKG DMS800 Vocal Set D7
Your Price $2,074.00/Each
Item #: 47-AK0025
AKG DMS800 Performer Set
Your Price $1,899.00/Each
Item #: 47-AK0026
AKG DMS800 Vocal Instrumental Set
Your Price $1,949.00/Each