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Item #: 36-E70001
DMXcat Multifunction DMX Tester #6000
DMXcat by City Theatrical is a powerful, multifunction, DMX test tool and controller that works in tandem with your smartphone.

The DMXcat itself is a small, battery-powered interface with a 5-pin XLR for connecting into a DMX line (or fixture). It fits easily in a pocket or on a belt. Via Bluetooth, the DMXcat interacts with a series of apps (Android or iPhone) that can perform as DMX controller, fixture tester, RDM controller, DMX tester, RF spectrum analyzer (for Wi-Fi networks), and more! DMXcat also features an LED flashlight, alarm (if misplaced), and a belt clip. DMXcat charges easily via a USB-to-Micro USB cable (included).

Developed with input from designers and technicians, the DMXcat will be an indispensible tool for lighting users. Learn more by viewing the brochure available below in the "Product Documentation" tab.

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