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Moving Light Assistant - Personal
Moving Light Assistant is an application designed to document both the physical setup and programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry. The application will run on both Apple Mac OSX (Intel only) and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

It is possible to document many settings and configurations of moving light fixtures used within the lighting rig. Configuration documentation includes: DMX Mode and Patch, Gobo & Colour Wheel Loads, Fixture Menu Options/DIP Switch Options, and Lenses & Lamps.

There is an inbuilt fixture profile library which contains the DMX modes, default gobo and gobo wheel loads, lens and lamp choices and fixture menu options to make life easier for the user. Additionally, a user can import data from several consoles to document presets/palettes and cues with photos and descriptions. It is possible to import data exported from the following consoles:

  • Electronic Theatre Controls EOS family of consoles. (Prests/Palettes, Cue List & Patch)
  • MA Lighting GrandMA Series 1 consoles. (Presets, Cue List and Patch)
  • Highend System Whole Hog 2 console (Cue List data only)
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