Good Morning

New Stuff at BMI Supply!

We are pleased to offer a selection of items that are fresh off the development tables from our innovative manufacturers, along with some items that may have been around awhile but are new to our store.

Want something added to our lineup?  Send us a note or hit up the Live Chat link above.

Lighting Fixtures

Item #: 67-D0001
Clay Paky AXCOR Beam 300
Your Price $2,673.00/Each
Item #: 67-D0002
Clay Paky AXCOR Wash 300
Your Price $3,564.00/Each
Item #: 67-D0003
Clay Paky AXCOR Spot 300
Your Price $4,779.00/Each
Item #: 39-91025
CHAUVET Rogue R1X Spot
Your Price $1,399.99/Each
Item #: 39-91026
CHAUVET Rogue R2X Spot
Your Price $2,149.99/Each
Item #: 67-H0004
SolaFrame Theatre
Your Price $10,995.00/Each
Item #: 67-H0007
SolaSpot CMY Pro w/Road Case
Your Price $6,550.00/Each

Electrics Items, Expendables, Gadgets

Item #: 36-E70001
DMXcat Multifunction DMX Tester #6000
Your Price $331.50/Each
Item #: 43-1004063
HPL-575WSL/115V Super Life – Ushio
Your Price $16.95/Each
Item #: 36-C90001
Swisson 4-port DMX Node 5-pin XLR
Your Price $693.44/Each
Item #: 36-F40001
Your Price $129.99/Each


Item #: 48-AH0009
Allen & Heath QU-32C Digital Mixer
Your Price $3,399.00/Each
Item #: 48-AH0010
Allen & Heath QU-24C Digital Mixer
Your Price $2,599.00/Each
Item #: 48-AH0011
Allen & Heath QU-16C Digital Mixer
Your Price $1,899.00/Each
Item #: 48-AH0014
Allen & Heath SQ5 Digital Mixer
Your Price $2,999.00/Each
Item #: 48-AH0015
Allen & Heath SQ6 Digital Mixer
Your Price $3,899.00/Each