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Through September 2018, Clear-Com is offering rebates on purchases of Freespeak II and DX series wireless intercom systems when you "trade-in" your existing Clear-Com WBS, RTS/Telex BTR, or Pliant Tempest system. Existing system must be a 4-beltpack system w/base station (or larger). The rebate ranges from 10% to 15% off the new system, depending on the type of system purchased and traded-in.

Please contact your sales manager for complete details on this exciting program!

Please browse our Freespeak II and DX Series pages to see what these new systems have to offer.

Shure Logo

Shure has extended its popular 600MHz rebate program to October 31st 2018. This program allows you to trade in your existing wireless mic systems that operate in the various 600MHz taboo frequency ranges and get money towards the purchase of new Shure systems operating in acceptable bands. 

You can learn all about it on the Shure website page dedicated to the program.

Please browse our Shure wireless mic offerings to see what system(s) suite your needs!

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Sennheiser also has a 600MHz rebate program, running until March 31st, 2019. Buy new Sennheiser systems, then send in UPCs along with your existing 600MHz wireless mic systems to get money back directly from Sennheiser.

You can learn more on the Sennheiser website page dedicated to the program.

Check out our Sennheiser G4 and Sennheiser XS offerings!