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Obsidian Control NX Touch
The NX Touch is a powerful yet simple control surface for the ONYX platform, Fully compatible with all ONYX consoles and PC software, NX Touch is a plug-and-play solution with an innovative control surface like no other lighting console.
14 touch faders allow control of playbacks and fixture parameters while 20 velocity-controlled pads allow for new types of effects. Additional programming buttons such as Record, Edit, Update, Load and Clear are accessible directly from the NX Touch control panel. NX Touch includes one DMX port for direct control of any compatible DMX device.

Key Features
  • USB control surface for both smaller applications and professional use
  • Combined playback and programming surface with innovative touch fader technology 
  • Pressure sensitive flash buttons 
  • 10 Playbacks, 10 multi-purpose function keys, 4 digital encoders 
  • Portable, rugged and lightweight design 
  • USB connection for ONYX on PC systems or as expansion wing for all ONYX consoles 
  • Integrated DMX output, expandable up to 128 Universes 
  • Plug and Play USB device without external power supply
  • Rackmount option

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Product Documentation

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