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Item #: 47-PS0061
Point Source SERIES8 CO-8WL Omni Lavalier (XSE)

The CO-8WL Waterproof Lavalier Microphone has a low-profile of merely 4mm in diameter, but it embodies all the high performance characteristics you might expect from a larger format microphone. Behind a button, or hiding in the hairline, this lavalier microphone is ideal for applications requiring a low profile unobtrusive fit. Of particular note is that the CO-8WL lavalier mic is IP57 waterproof rated against water, sweat and makeup-conditions that are commonly harmful to microphones. This little lavalier has the ability to reach up to 148dB max SPL to deliver big results for your performance.


•• Mic element measures only 4mm in diameter
•• IP57 Waterproof rating
•• 148dB max SPL
•• Optimal gain before feedback
•• Available in colors beige and black

Connector Option:
XSE for Sennheiser
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