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Item #: 53-30000HS2T
Pro Intercom Headset Station, Desktop #HS2T
Like all HS2 versions, the HS2T provides the same facilities as our BP1 portable headset stations (belt packs) but in a format suitable for wall mounting or the desk top.
The heavy metal cabinet used by this ‘T’ version has key hole slots for wall mounting and plastic feet for the desk top. The HS2TL along with a handset is the ideal audio mix intercom station, either front-of-house or stage monitor.
By the addition of a front panel rotary switch, the HS2T can be converted to a multi-circuit version, the HS2MTL, with which the user can choose from any one of 4 circuits to communicate.
The HS2T has male and female 3-pin XLR connectors on the rear panel for connection of the station and daisy chaining on to the next station in the circuit. (The HS2MTL has 6-pin XLRs.) The headset or handset connects to the station via a front-panel 4-pin XLR connector.
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