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Item #: 53-3BLAZON18
Pro Intercom Call Signal Strobe BLAZON180
The Blazon 180 incorporates a front mounted rectangular xenon lamp to limit the visibility of the flashes to 180∞. Blazon 180 is triggered by the same voltage which lights the normal signal lamps in the intercom system. Whenever any signal lamp button on any station in the same circuit is pressed, the Blazon 180 will be activated. The xenon lamp is permanently connected. Circuitry is provided to sustain the Blazon 180 for 4 seconds after being triggered. The xenon lamp has a flash rate of 2Hz, providing 8 flashes per cycle. The Blazon 180 is connected to the headset intercom system in the same manner as a belt pack. It has two 3-pin XLR connectors on the rear panel. By convention (to differentiate from microphone inputs) the female connector is designatedas input. The male connector is provided for looping onwards to the next station in the system. Reversing these connections will not affect operation. Blazon 180 is powered by the intercom power supply and requires no batteries or other external power source. In its ready mode it draws only 21.1mA; with the strobe active, 120mA. When calculating power supply requirements, you may consider the Blazon 180 as the approximate equivalent of 3 or 4 beltpacks.
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