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The GaffGun Bundle (...includes ALL cable guides)

BMI Supply is proud to be one of their leading GaffGun distributors for the Entertainment Industry!

The GaffGun™ is an impressive advancement in the world of gaffer's tape. Saving over 90% of the time to lay gaffer's tape over cables, it simplifies your job while saving time, money and your back. Using patent-pending CoreLok™ technology, you can use any type or size of GaffGun™ tape on the same device. Cables don't even have to be straight - the GaffGun™ straightens and centers your cable(s) and then lays tape on them. Learn more by checking out GaffGun's excellent videos!

This bundle includes:

  • The GaffGun™
  • Long extension handle
  • CableGuide - Small
  • CableGuide - Medium
  • CableGuide - Large
  • FloorGuide

Currently available CoreLok tapes include Black Pro-Gaff (2" and 3"), black Pro-AV tape (a matte-black, professional duct tape, also 2" and 3"), and dry channel (cable path) versions of the aforementioned tapes.  We also have an adapter pack for using traditional core tapes on the GaffGun (note: CoreLok tapes ensure the best performance).

All GaffGun Bundle orders now include a full roll of CoreLok tape for you to try!  Choose from 2" Pro-Gaff or 2" ProAV tape (matte black duct tape).

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