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Introducing ETC Source 4WRD COLOR...

ETC has added to the 4WRD family!  Offered alongside the popular white-light 4WRD retrofits, the Source 4WRD Color LED engine transforms your existing Source Four incandescent profile into an RGBA LED fixture, unlocking the world of additive color mixing, saturated washes, and quick color changes. It means more stage looks with fewer fixtures using less energy and needing less maintenance, all at a compelling price point. With the Source 4WRD Color engine you get millions of looks with the same fixtures you’ve relied on for years.

ETC Source 4WRD Color Kit

It takes less than five minutes to upcycle your Source Four to 4WRD Color. The Source 4WRD Color provides a simple, cost-effective, non-destructive retrofit of existing Source Four profile fixtures. You can quickly convert an incandescent Source Four ellipsoidal fixture to an RGBA color-changing luminaire while retaining all the best features of the Source Four.

If you mostly use white light and pastel gel colors, then the traditional 4WRD II retrofit may be the better option for your application.  However, if you rely on more saturated gel colors, the 4WRD COLOR may be an attractive option to upgrade your Source 4 bodies.

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Product Availability Note:  Due to global supply chain complications, ETC is currently experiencing significant delays on most LED fixture offerings.  Please feel free to contact your sales manager for the latest guidance on specific fixtures you are considering.

ETC Source 4WRD Color Items:

ETC Source 4WRD Color, Retrofit Kit, Black
Item # 67-80278
ETC Source 4WRD Color, retrofit kit, white
Item # 67-80279
ETC Source 4WRD Color, retrofit kit, silver
Item # 67-80280