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PAR Can Retrofits and Alternatives

With the major lamp manufacturers moving away from Large PAR lamps due to quality concerns and decreasing demand, many PAR 64, PAR 56, and PAR 46 users are in a pinch for viable alternatives.  Below we have gathered a handful of options that range from retrofitting existing PAR cans to replacing them with alternative fixtures. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800.836.0524.

Retrofit Options

Note: We are currently monitoring the marketplace for viable LED retrofit options that work with existing PAR enclosures/fixtures. We will update this page if and when we identify a suitable offering.  Thanks!

Ray Light

RAY Light Kits

RAY Light Kits are available for PAR 56 and PAR 64 cans. These kits consist of a reflector outfitted with a socket that accepts 600W DYS lamps. These kits were popular for classic touring rigs because they weigh significantly less than a traditional glass PAR lamp. The DYS lamp is also considerably less expensive than a PAR lamp, albeit with a shorter average life. View our selection of RAY Light Kits here.

Alternative Tungsten/Halogen Fixtures

ETC Source 4 PAR-EA

The ETC Source 4 PAR-EA is a workhorse wash fixture that uses the widely popular HPL lamp.  There are a variety of wattages available, and the lamp type should be around for many years to come.  The PAR-EA comes with a set of four (4) lenses that offer the traditional PAR lamp beam spreads (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL).

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ETC Source 4 PARNel

The ETC Source 4 PARNel is another versatile wash fixture that uses the readily-available HPL lamp family. PARNel's unique wave lens system is easily adjusted with the simple turn of a knob, offering you a wide range of wash sizes. Durable ETC construction. Uses same accessories as the PAR-EA fixture above.

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Altman 65Q Fresnel with HPL Socket

A number of years ago, Altman quietly came out with a number of fixtures rehashed for use with the HPL lamp. The classic 65Q Fresnel is one of them!  This reliable fixture offers a tremendous wash range and a smooth, soft, even pool of light. If you add up the cost of a PAR can and all four traditional PAR lamp beam spreads, the 65Q is in the same ballpark.

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ETC S4 PAR-EA Fixture - #S4 PAR-EA
Item # 38-130001
ETC S4 PARNel Fixture - #PARNel
Item # 38-120001
Altman 6" Fresnel w/HPL Socket - 65Q-HPL
Item # 38-220010

Alternative LED Fixtures


The Par Z100 3K is a modern LED twist to the traditional halogen Par Can. It is powered by a potent 100W warm white C.O.B. (Chip On Board) LED that comes in 3000K or 5000K color temp models. Its output is comparable to a 1000W halogen sealed beam Par. It is equipped with 5 different beam angle options that may be changed by hand.  Form factor is nearly identical to a traditional PAR can.

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Item # 67-40006
Item # 67-40007