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Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of projection and audio products for business, education, professional audio/video and home entertainment. Optoma’s projection products combine superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering and innovation to deliver stunning crystal clear images with ultimate reliability. Optoma projectors use DLP® technology, pioneered by Texas Instruments. This uses millions of mirrors to produce high quality imagery which does not suffer color degradation over time, as sometimes experienced in other projector technologies.

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Optoma ProScene Professional Projectors

Optoma ZU1050 Projector
Item # 69-20030
Optoma 4K550 Projector
Item # 69-20039

Optoma General Purpose Projectors

Optoma ML750 Ultra Compact Projector
Item # 69-20001

Projector Accessories

Projector Dowser #4160
Item # 28-404160