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Listen Technologies

The ListenTALK system from Listen Technologies offers two-way wireless intercom at prices that rival traditional wired systems. No base station of the transceivers serves as "leader" and coordinates all other transceivers in the system. Plenty more to love about ListenTALK...see product info in links below!

Item #: 53-L00LKS1A1
ListenTALK Base-4 System
Your Price $1,449.00/Each
Item #: 53-L00LKS2A1
ListenTALK Base-8 System
Your Price $3,349.00/Each
Item #: 53-L00LKS3A1
ListenTALK Collabor-8 System
Your Price $3,999.00/Each
Item #: 53-L000LK1A0
ListenTALK Transceiver
Your Price $329.00/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA452
ListenTALK Headset with Boom Mic
Your Price $104.20/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA453
ListenTALK Dual Headset w/ Boom Mic
Your Price $115.35/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA454
ListenTALK Dual Over-Ears Headset w/ Boom Mic
Your Price $167.46/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA455
ListenTALK Over-Ears Hard Hat H.S. w/ Boom Mic
Your Price $209.32/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA451
ListenTALK Ear Speaker Headset w/ Boom Mic
Your Price $52.09/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA365
ListenTALK Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Your Price $35.35/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA435
ListenTALK AAA Battery Compartment
Your Price $10.00/Each
Item #: 53-L000LA440
ListenTALK Replacement Leader Clips (10/pack)
Your Price $19.54/Pack
Item #: 53-L0LA48001
ListenTALK Docking Station 16
Your Price $399.00/Each
Item #: 53-L0LA48101
ListenTALK Docking Station Case 16
Your Price $599.00/Each
Item #: 53-3000AD903
Pro Intercom Input/Output Adapter #AD903
Your Price $341.25/Each
Item #: 53-300C3M105
Pro Intercom Adapter Cable XLR4F-3.5mm, 5'
Your Price $40.95/Each