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Lightwright 6

The latest version of Lightwright offers dozens of new features including data flow from Vectorworks through LW and on to your EOS consoles.  Also features a new built-in label maker for easy identification of cables, fixtures, and other gear.  Check out the item links below for full details!


Item #: 44-201
Lightwright 6 Personal
Your Price $586.50/Each
Item #: 44-202
Lightwright 6 Personal Upgrade (from LW5)
Your Price $306.00/Each
Item #: 44-203
Lightwright 6 Institutional
Your Price $1,173.00/Each
Item #: 44-204
Lightwright 6 Institutional Upgrade (from LW5)
Your Price $612.00/Each
Item #: 44-211
Lightwright 6 Student to Personal Upgrade
Your Price $471.75/Each
Item #: 44-237
Lightwright 6 Student Version
Your Price $114.75/Each

Moving Light Assistant

Item #: 44-247
Moving Light Assistant - Personal
Your Price $560.00/Each
Item #: 44-248
Moving Light Assistant - Institutional
Your Price $1,120.00/Each
Item #: 44-249
Moving Light Assistant - Student
Your Price $25.00/Each


Item #: 44-503
Vectorworks Spotlight 2018 w/Renderworks
Your Price $2,945.00/Each