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Item #: 53-2SIIBASE5
Clear-Com FreeSpeak II 5-User Base Station

The Clear-Com FreeSpeak II digital wireless base station serves as the heart of the wireless communication system for all FreeSpeak II digital wireless beltpack users. All wired and wireless communications flow through the base station. Each wireless beltpack and wired intercom connection on the rear panel has its own full-duplex port, and the voice communication from each is sampled, mixed, and re-routed throughout the system as desired. 

The base station provides a  front-panel vacuum fluorescent display showing status and battery information. Each beltpack has its own timeslot and can be individually addressed by the base, allowing multiple combinations of beltpack-to-beltpack and small-group conversations to happen simultaneously. The base station has connections for four (4) Partylines and four (4) 4-wires, plus a dedicated SA output and Program audio input.

This base station model supports up to five (5) beltpack users.  Upgradeable via software license to support 25 beltpacks.
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