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NEW! - ETC ION XE Lighting Control Console

The ION XE runs the same EOS/ION software as the original consoles, but in an updated form factor. The new EOS Fader Wings offer a complementary look & feel to match the new ION XE. The consoles below can be upgraded to fully unlocked 12k your sales manager for details!

Item #: 45-011026
ETC ION XE Lighting Console 2K
Your Price $9,800.00/Each
Item #: 45-011027
ETC ION XE20 Lighting Console 2K
Your Price $11,300.00/Each
Item #: 45-017024
ETC EOS Fader Wing 20
Your Price $1,700.00/Each
Item #: 45-017025
ETC EOS Fader Wing 40
Your Price $2,800.00/Each

Note re: ION XE & ION "Classic"

The ION XE series replaces the original ION consoles. However, we still have channel upgrades available for ION 1000 consoles that will fully unlock them to their full output potential.  Contact your sales manager for details!

ETC Element Lighting Control Console

Item #: 45-011018
ETC Element 40-250 Channel
Your Price $6,195.00/Each
Item #: 45-011020
ETC Element 40-500 Channel
Your Price $6,730.00/Each
Item #: 45-011019
ETC Element 60-250 Channel
Your Price $7,645.00/Each
Item #: 45-011017
ETC Element 60-500 Channel
Your Price $8,180.00/Each
Item #: 45-016001
ETC Element 250 Channel Upgrade
Your Price $535.00/Each
Item #: 62-10008
Calzone Road Case for ETC Element - Blk (3/8" Construction)
Your Price $620.00/Each

ETC ColorSource Lighting Control Console

Item #: 45-011022
ETC ColorSource 20 Console
Your Price $1,749.00/Each
Item #: 45-011023
ETC ColorSource 40 Console
Your Price $2,699.00/Each
Item #: 45-011024
ETC ColorSource 20 AV Console
Your Price $2,999.00/Each
Item #: 45-011025
ETC ColorSource 40 AV Console
Your Price $3,950.00/Each

ETC Nomad and Nomad Puck

Item #: 44-143
ETC Nomad 512 Gadget II Bundle - Student
Your Price $250.00/Each
Item #: 44-136
ETC Nomad, 512 Output Kit
Your Price $600.00/Each
Item #: 44-142
ETC Nomad, 6144 Output Kit
Your Price $1,975.00/Each
Item #: 45-014005
ETC Nomad Puck - 512 Outputs
Your Price $2,750.00/Each
Item #: 44-145
ETC Nomad Puck - 6144 Output
Your Price $4,125.00/Each
Item #: 44-144
ETC Nomad 512 to 6K Upgrade
Your Price $1,650.00/Each

ETC Programming Wings & Bundles

Item #: 45-017012
Eos Programming Wing
Your Price $5,500.00/Each
Item #: 45-017013
Colbalt Programming Wing
Your Price $5,500.00/Each
Item #: 45-017023
EOS Programming Wing w/ETC Nomad 512
Your Price $5,490.00/Each
Item #: 45-017020
EOS Programming Wing w/ ETC Nomad 6144
Your Price $6,865.00/Each