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OSRAM PAR Lamp Recall

OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc. (“OSRAM”) has initiated a recall of certain Large PAR Lamps (PAR46, PAR56 and PAR64).

OSRAM has been evaluating reported incidents where the lens of certain Large PAR lamps had detached after installation, and in limited cases, shattered. They also received reports of early end of life. All of the reports are related to Large PAR lamps sourced from a specific supplier. After evaluating lamps of various wattages and date codes from this supplier, OSRAM could not isolate the identified risks to a specific product type or date code. Therefore, they have initiated a recall of all Large PAR lamps sourced from this supplier since November 2016. The specific item numbers, dates, and other pertinent recall specifics are outlined in the PDF document below - "OSRAM PAR RECALL NOTICE".

If you have any of the specific lamps noted below, you are advised by OSRAM to immediately stop using the lamps, remove them from the fixture, and follow instructions on the document below entitled "RMA FORM & DIRECTIONS" to arrange for their return to OSRAM.

Any questions concerning this OSRAM recall can be directed to OSRAM directly as follows:

Phone: 1-855-865-9271

For those of you in need of PAR fixture alternatives, we have assembled a page of possible options.

OSRAM PAR Recall Notice:

Return Authorization Form for OSRAM: